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         Every child is unique and deserves to be valued, to be respected, and to be appreciated as an individual. Every child has basic needs that must be met in order for him/her to develop into a responsible, ethical, productive adult.

The early years are the most formative ones in a child’s development and are a brief window of opportunity to provide a child with the foundation he will need to conquer later challenges.


           It is our responsibility as DFPS licensed caregivers & Montessori educators to respect the needs and encourage the independent growth of each child by creating a learning environment that does the same in our Home Daycare.

We provide nurturing care for each child in a warm, supportive, secure environment. We seek to express ours love for each child through our relationship with that child. We strive to be supportive of our parent’s efforts to reinforce strong family values that are taught in their own homes. We firmly believe that the best way for a child to thrive is to empower that child by creating an environment filled with exciting possibilities to learn through all five senses.

    We recognized that kids learn best when they are having fun. At Our Home Montessori childcare, we pack each day full of fun-filled activities and we tailor these activities according to each child’s unique learning style. We can say with the utmost confidence that your child will learn and grow while enjoying each day here at Happy Kids Home Montessori.

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