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Feel secure entrusting your infant’s care to

            Happy Kids Home Montessori.

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     Trusting anyone to care for your precious infant is difficult, but you can rest assured we see caring for your children as a true privilege in our Home Child Care. 

          Creating a safe, healthy and nurturing home away from home environment is our top priority.

We strive to provide each child with personalized care designed to be a continuation of your own infant care efforts. 

       Your preferences and schedules are used to create your child’s daily course of care so that the transitions between home and the nursery are smooth and peaceful. Your little one will have as close to the same eating, sleeping and play patterns in Happy Kids Home Day Care that they do at home.     

           Giving Your Baby 
a Safe and Peaceful Atmosphere 
  • Clean and safe facility

  • Interactive spaces

  • Floor space to allow for tummy time

  • Individual attention

  • Hugs and nurturing

  • Sign language

  • Daily written reports summarizing feedings, diaper changes, rests and activities

  • Fun activities and exploration based on your child’s unique development

  • Physical development: Strengthening neck, arm, leg muscles, developmentally appropriate activities

  • Cognitive skills: Facial recognition, colors 

  • Motor skills: Grasping and using objects, coloring, hand eye coordination, hands-on materials and activities to encourage physical, social and cognitive growth

  • Sensory skills: Using the 5 senses 

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Feel secure entrusting your Toddler's care to

             Happy Kids Home Montessori.

    Toddlers are natural explorers. In this developmental stage, they show interest in everything in their environment and want to examine and investigate every detail they find. They are developing both their fine and gross motor skills, loving to climb, run, balance, and move things, as well as pick up small objects and work to put things together or draw. Toddlers are naturally sensorial and learn by using their senses of touch, sigh, smell, hearing, and taste.

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         As your child prepares for the new challenges, they must be nurtured and encouraged to learn, explore and experience. So, our Child Care program is created to facilitate this growth and learning. Happy Kids Home Montessori Child Care environment is designed to foster independence, self-discovery, socialization, natural curiosity, and exploration. Our environment is filled with inviting materials, child-sized furniture and loving and skilled teacher, creating a place in which each child’s natural abilities can unfold.        

        Our Home Daycare Toddler program enables children to experience the joy of learning, to take care of themselves, others, and the environment by concentrating primarily on Practical Life and Sensorial exercises. At this age, the children expect a daily routine that aids in their feeling of security and accomplishment.

            This is the foundation for the child to interact with the world, feeling important and needed by 

Prepare Your Children for Success
in a Safe and Peaceful Atmosphere
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others (initiation of self-confidence). During this period children learn to grasp, pour, sort, dress themselves, and begin to acquire a more complex vocabulary to improve their communication and social skills. 

          The focus is on cognitive development, Sign language, language development, fine and gross motor skills, and social and emotional development. In our Home Child Care, we foster independence by encouraging the child to perform tasks on his/her own. This is also the stage where we address toilet training for those who may not have mastered it.

After School

Feel secure entrusting your Kid's care to

          Happy Kids Home Montessori.

after school care

         The After School program accommodates families who need extended care for their child. If your family is like many, your children go to school after you have left for work and return before you are home. This can leave them home alone for a few hours, which is not ideal, particularly for younger children. As a parent, you want to know that your children are safe from the time they leave you, until you are back with them.

       Trust Happy Kids Home Montessori to offer a safe, comfortable and enjoyable place where your children can relax and unwind after a challenging day at school. Have peace of mind knowing we are state-licensed and the facility is kept secure at all times. your children can work on homework, socialize and engage in variety of activities like reading, crafts, and puzzles. All activities are designed to enhance the knowledge, social skills, and motor skills of the participating child. During this time children get to do most of their socialization with free playtime opportunities in a safe environment. Friendships and playmates are formed and integration among classrooms gives them broader opportunities to socialize.

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