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Diredtor's Bio

         Mrs. Saghar Bostani, the director of Happy Kids Home Montessori Childcare, is a loving mother. She started her job as a teacher after graduating from university and earning a master’s degree in teaching. She has been teaching for several years and during these years, she found the Montessori method of education an impressive and effective child-centered educational approach.

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       Therefore, she attended the Montessori teacher training courses and earned all Montessori modules certificates. She gained massive experience for a variety of children's age and culture during years of working in Montessori schools in Dallas areas.      

      Through these teaching works, she gained valuable experience in organizing and managing multifaceted programs and in working with people of diverse cultures, religions and socio-economic backgrounds, and allowed her to become an experienced Montessori teacher. Finally, she established the Happy Kids Home Montessori Child Care, based on her believes in Montessori method and family-like teaching environment. She believes that the low student-to-teacher ratio allows teacher to give each student the individual attention that is required.  


- DFPS Director Compliance 

- Montessori Teacher 

- CPR / First Aid

- Cultural Exercises

- Practical Life Exercises

- Sensorial Exercises

- Language Exercises 

- Math Exercises

- Child Care Director Management

- Peace Education for Young Children

- Shaken Baby Syndrome

- Brain Development

- Safe Sleep

- Emergency Planning

- Managing Common Childhood Illnesses

- Medication Administration

- Infection Control 

-  Poison Prevention

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